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A halo


Halo of

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  • Check this option if you want the text labels to cast a shadow on the background. Shadows help make the text easier to read by making it stand out more from the background. Note that with dark text colors, this option will cause the text to glow with a bright halo, instead of casting a shadow.
  • Surrounding the Milky Way is a halo of matter which includes the globular clusters each containing up to a million elderly stars.
  • In xrays we see a part of the sun that is ordinarily invisible its milliondegree halo of gas the solar corona.
  • hullo said Dr. Kemp, putting his pen into his mouth again and listening.
  • And you can see that the halo of blood flow disappears after treatment.
  • Nice picture. hullo, hullo Who are you people
  • hullo, cried the policeman, who's there
  • Why don't you buy yourself a new halo
  • Well, hello to you, honeybun. hello.
  • halo, Doug Darcy, Chrysalis records.
  Hello  -Hello  Halo  Hola  Bonjour
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