"sesuai dengan selera anda" dalam Bahasa Inggris

Bagaimana mengatakan "sesuai dengan selera anda" dalam Bahasa Inggris, terjemahan "sesuai dengan selera anda" dalam Bahasa Inggris :

Sesuai dengan selera Anda

Suits your taste

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10 contoh kalimat

  • The fire suits of old, the bulky suits, the thick woolen suits, have been replaced with modern materials
  • Look, he has scanned almost all my girls. But none of them suits his taste, he's nuts.
  • All right, Wyatt, he's your responsibility. That suits me fine.
  • A Teddy Boy named suits suits, fine tailoring, pointy shoes,
  • A pleasant environment which suits your sensitive body.
  • Therefore, taste the punishment for your disbelief.
  • Everybody, this suits Tae Ik really well, right
  • See... for you, this work suits you perfectly.
  • taste, then, chastisement for your unbelief.
  • suits, socks, 100 million, the usual stuff.
  Your  Are  Do  How  make  well  talk  people  by  has  taste  humor  sense  appetite  tastes  according  appropriate  fit  suit  match
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